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Elizabeth Rubalcaba Biography

Elizabeth Rubalcaba Study in the Cuban national Manuel Saumel music school.
She learns a clarinet during attendance at school for three years.
She was born between father Jesus Rubalcaba and mother Martha Rodriguez Herrera on August 20, 1984.
She is brought up in environment of the comfortable music that She inherit her father who is a pianist and lineage of her uncle Gonzalo Rubalcaba which is grandfather Gillermo Rubalcaba which is a pianist of the well-known Danzon and a world-famous jazz pianist and spend with them again from early childhood.
She participates in Cuban group "Somos Amigos" and a fruity strike, the group of Joaquin Olivera by the leader Spaniard as a singer.
She paformanced in the company "Cubaname" would dance directed by Franklin Becker, where he carries out a tour to Germany.
In summer, 2007, She plays with Paulina Rubio and Ricky Martin, Gilberto Santa Rosa by a Spanish tour.
After, She is continued overcoming as singer.